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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 26, 2022

Is Numerology Better (and More Accurate) Than Astrology?

Is Numerology Better (and More Accurate) Than Astrology?

You know that you can find answers to life’s big questions using numbers, dates, planets, and stars, but is one method better than the other? Both numerology and astrology are age-old practices, but which practice is capable of providing you with more accurate answers?

Is Numerology Really Accurate?

Numerology is a practice that’s focused on numbers. Using your date of birth and your name, you can find out more about your personality as well as your life path.

Pythagoras is the philosopher and mathematician who first spoke about the energy associated with different numbers. Later on, even Einstein developed theories explaining how numbers and their vibrations form part of the order of the universe. 

In terms of accuracy, numerology is only as accurate as the numerologist you’re working with. The right numerologist can provide you with in-depth insights if they’re experienced enough, so research your options before you pay for a reading.

Is Numerology Part of Astrology?

While astrology and numerology are slightly different, they often go hand-in-hand during readings.

Both numerology and astrology consider the positioning of the planets at the time of your birth to determine your fate in this lifetime. While numerology relies on your name and date of birth to tell you more about who you are, astrology uses your date, time, and place of birth to create a unique birth chart.

An astrologist can identify your sun, moon, and ascendent signs. These signs will tell you more about how you make decisions, the career paths you should take, what obstacles might present themselves in your life, and what you like and dislike.

So, in essence, even though astrology and numerology are slightly different, many psychics will incorporate both into a reading.

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Is Astrology Scientific at all?

Astrology is scientific at its core because it is science that tells us the position of the planets and stars in the sky at any given moment. Science uses numbers and math to give meaning to the phenomenon we observe in our universe. Similarly, astrology uses established scientific principles about the planets and their motion to give meaning to our lives and destinies.

All of this being said, astrology diverges from science once we move past these basic principles of planetary motion and location. The only debate about astrology is that since the Zodiac was first created, the Earth’s plane and tilt have shifted a considerable number of degrees. As a result, the original dates associated with the 12 Zodiac signs no longer align with our dates in the present day. Despite this reality, many astrologists continue to use the original Zodiac.

It’s also important to recognize that predictions made by astrologists can’t be tested in a controlled experiment to verify their accuracy. This is another important divergence from the scientific method, which dictates that a hypothesis must be testable before it is accepted as fact, or rejected.

Despite these realities, you shouldn’t lose faith in astrology or doubt your psychic reader. There are many things that science has yet to explain, which is where science ends and intuition and clairvoyance step in.

Is Numerology or Astrology More Accurate?

Many psychics will tell you that astrology is more accurate than numerology.

The main reason is that astrology readings tend to provide more details than numerology readings. While numerology takes into account your date of birth, astrology adds in the location and time, making the reading far more personalized and specific.

While different astrologists and numerologists have their own styles and methods, it’s also commonly accepted that astrology has wider accepted norms and rules than numerology. This is important because it means that you’re more likely to get consistent readings, even among different psychics.

But none of this means that you should choose one, and not the other. Instead, you should use both to help you arrive at the most accurate reading for yourself. Numerology can give you a higher-level understanding of your personality type and life path, while astrology gives you a more detailed view of life’s events and what’s in store.

The bottom line is that no matter which method you favor more, the first step to getting an accurate reading is finding a verified and trusted psychic.

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