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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On April 01, 2023

Spirit Reading: A Comprehensive Guide (Updated for 2023)

Spirit Reading: A Comprehensive Guide (Updated for 2023)

Whether it’s your first time experiencing a spirit reading, or you’ve had a few spirit readings before, you should know that you’ll get the best out of your session if you arrive prepared.

I’ve been there and done that – having reviewed over a dozen psychic reading sites, I’ve had my fair share of spirit readings!

Here’s a rundown of exactly what to expect.

What Are Spirit Readings?

Spirit reading is a type of psychic reading, based around contacting loved ones who have passed on.

It’s a very powerful tool that is an old form of divination, and a skill for which many people over the centuries have been oppressed (and even labeled as witches) for possessing.

Spirit readings give you a 360-overview of a situation, including hidden details you might not have been aware of, as well as advice on what’s the best path for you.

Spirit readings are highly dynamic – you can ask to hear from specific people – family, friends and otherwise. In a spirit reading, you connect with your chosen spirits’ to hear from them and speak with them, and it is a very powerful tool for getting closure from them.

The process of healing, that most people having gone through a spirit reading say it even helps their souls find peace, and allows them to move on with their lives – especially for people looking for closure from someone who experienced an untimely or sudden death.

Another top reason for having a spirit healing is to connect with pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge. A type of dog and pet psychic, spirit healers believe that pets and humans have an innate bond that goes beyond the realms’ divisions, keeping that bond alive despite their deaths. Your pets are still supporting and loving you from the other side, and spirit readings allow you to feel that connection again, and reconnect with that sense of love.

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Spirit Readings Are Not Straightforward Psychic Readings

I like to think of the term ‘psychic reading’ as a catch-all; kind of like how you refer to ‘food’ as a general word to combine all types of foods, so ‘psychic reading’ is a general term, combining all different types of psychic readings.

That means that spirit readings are a type of psychic readings, and just like other types of psychic readings – numerology, angel healing and even tarot cards – it has its own way of doing things with spirit readers using various tools and techniques to give you the spirit reading you’re after.

Another way of looking at it, is that psychic readings heavily rely on your spirit awareness – but even if you don’t have any (and hey, it happens), you can still trust in your psychic reader to give you a thorough reading, harnessing the power of the universe to do so.

Spirit readings, on the other hand, make you work for that guidance and clarity – they’re really more about your own innate truths and understanding of yourself. Your spirit reader will help you read these understandings, but also rely on your input.

What Happens in a Spirit Reading

The way you experience a spirit reading really depends on the spirit reader: some are very into mediumship, or clairvoyance, while others will be much more focused on intuition for their readings.

Another factor you need to think about with spirit readings, is the way that your spirit reader expresses themselves: during the reading, spirit readers will receive a lot of information from the spirit sphere, usually all at once – it really depends on your spirit reader how they manage to explain that information for you. If you have a flair for the dramatic, there will be a spirit reader for you; if you like things much more practical and straightforward, look for a spirit reader who will tell it to you straight.

Just as with any psychic reading, I find it really useful to define an intention and a set of questions before dicing in. It helps both me and my spirit reader to keep focused, as well as really drill down into my deepest desires – and that means I get much more defined and clearer answers out of my spirit reading.,

I also like to set a very clear boundary around what I’m looking to know about – for example, it wouldn’t be specific enough to say ‘a heartbreak’ – I would narrow the boundaries down to ‘a heartbreak as a result of a relationship with X, and how to go forward from here.’

Overall, I highly recommend preparing for your spirit reading – especially if it’s your first time – by having a set of questions that you can check off as you go. Obviously, there will be more questions that come up during the spirit reading, but once you are in the flow, you don’t want to get distracted – having those questions next to you will keep you nicely on track.

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What to Expect from a Spirit Reading

You would be really surprised at the sort of things you can learn from a spirit reading – because it’s pretty much anything (as long as it’s defined).

Over the years, I’ve asked and received answers about a whole range of very diverse topics!

During my spirit reading sessions, I’ve –

  • Heard from – and received support and love from – deceased family members
  • Reconnected with a deceased pet and told him I still think about him daily
  • Asked for and received healing and life advice following a traumatic accident
  • Moved forward with my life after a particularly painful breakup
  • Explored my life purpose

Actually, exploring my life purpose took a few spirit healing sessions, as there were so many layers and questions to get through. Ultimately though, it was really worth it in helping me to understand what my calling is in life, and to move towards that direction – all thanks to helpful advice from my spirit reader, as well as a fantastic set of questions which helped me to tap into my own intuition and understanding of myself.

Tips to Prepare for a Spirit Reading

As I said at the top of this post, it really doesn’t matter whether or not this is your first or your 50th spirit reading, you will always need to prepare yourself before starting a session.

Just as with anything in life – running a marathon or an exam, the results will be way better if you prepare yourself beforehand – spirit reading is no different.

Here’s how I prepare for each session –

  • I tidy up the area I’ll be receiving the spirit reading in – my spirit readings take place online, but I still don’t want the energy of the room I’m into distract me from the reading itself.
  • I reduce all noise, and put on some calming instrumental music – you could also try sounds of nature, if you find instrumental music too distracting.
  • I calm myself. I meditate a little bit, and ensure that I am at one with myself – I’m not thinking about a stupid argument I might have just had, and I make sure that I am open to receiving advice and guidance.
  • I stretch a little bit before starting. Because I never know what kind of emotions the spirit reading will bring me, I make sure I’m all stretched out and sitting comfortably, releasing all the tension beforehand.
  • I make sure I’m hydrated and have eaten. Spirit readings can be very immersive – I don’t want to feel dehydrated or angry during a session!

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Finding the Right Spirit Reader for You

Finding the right spirit reader is a very subjective thing. There are so many different psychic reading sites out there, it can be overwhelming to try an inf the right one for you.

Luckily, I’ve experienced every single psychic reading site I’ve recommended for myself – you can check out the reviews I’ve written (which are super in-depth!), and then visit the sites with spirit readers you’re interested in.

A quick word on how to narrow down the spirit readers on offer once you’ve chosen a site: it’s totally ok if you don’t feel a connection with every single spirit reader on offer. Just like with people in your everyday life, you’re not going to connect with every single one of them.

One way to find the right spirit reader for you is to decide on the type of reading style you want – for me, I like spirit readers to tell it to me straight, so I filter down all available spirit readers to show me only those who do so. From there, I check out a spirit reader’s bio, and if I feel connected to it, I set up a time or a reading.

I also really encourage anyone interested in spirit reading to look out for introductory offers, such as Keen Psychics, a site that gives you the first 3 minutes for free.

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