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Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius & Aquarius
It’s difficult to say how two Aquarians might ever end up in a relationship since they are notoriously ambitious and difficult to tie down. However, if two Aquarians find themselves in a romantic partnership, it’s very likely that they wi
Aquarius & Aries
Aries and Aquarius are kindred spirits that find home in each other in a relationship. They connect in ways that create an unbreakable bond and their compatibility makes them partners in crime in all aspects of their lives. Both these signs are spont
Aquarius & Cancer
Opposites attract and this is exactly what happens in a love match between Cancer and Aquarius. The question is whether their initial attraction to each other will be sufficient to sustain their relationship in the long run. Aquarius is an extrovert
Aquarius & Capricorn
These zodiac neighbors have the potential to complement each other very well if they make the most of their differences. Capricorn loves to play by the rules and is very conservative in their approach to relationships. It will take a lot of time and
Aquarius & Gemini
Gemini and Aquarius have very similar personalities, but in the sense that they are very free spirited and don’t place much value on long-term, serious relationships. Because of this, it’s difficult to imagine that these two would spend e
Aquarius & Leo
When Leo and Aquarius come together, fire meets air and sparks are certain to fly. These two strong individuals have the potential to make an extraordinary team, but they need to establish a solid foundation for their relationship from the start.&nbs
Aquarius & Libra
The Libra and Aquarius love match is an excellent Zodiac match. This love, romance, and sex pairing is fun, open-minded, and intellectual. Libra and Aquarius will have a strong understanding of each other because they share the element of air. And be
Aquarius & Pisces
These zodiac neighbors don’t have much in common, but they have magnetic chemistry that causes them to gravitate towards each other. While Aquarius is not an easy sign to tie down, there’s something enigmatic about Pisces that attracts th
Aquarius & Sagittarius
These two signs are a fantastic match and their union usually leads to a successful long-term relationship. Sagittarius and Aquarius are two peas in a pod and they live on the same frequency which allows them to remain on par with each other in most
Aquarius & Scorpio
Scorpio and Aquarius are an unusual zodiac love match. They have opposing viewpoints on almost everything; they have different needs and desires, as well as opposing approaches to problem-solving. Surprisingly, Scorpio and Aquarius have a strong attr
Aquarius & Taurus
On the surface, Aquarius and Taurus don’t seem like they’d be an ideal match. They have some significant differences that can drive them apart, such as different schools of thought, ways of solving problems, and beliefs about independence
Aquarius & Virgo
Virgo and Aquarius are both difficult to tie down, so these signs are not inclined to have a whirlwind romance. Virgos tend to be more logical and pragmatic when approaching relationships and will take the time to weigh out the pros and cons before c
Anyone who is in love with an Aquarius knows it’s like dating your best friend. If you want a partner who is supportive and isn’t afraid to plan for the future, this could be a good match. This independent sign is full of great ideas and has plenty of hobbies, so expect to be busy.