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Virgo and Aquarius compatibility

Find out how compatible Virgo and Aquarius are in love, communication, career, and life.
🏅 Overall Compatibility Score 60%
🤟🏼 Communication & Intellect 70%
❤️‍🔥 Emotions & Sex 40%
🏡 Values 60%
🌅 Interests 70%


Virgo and Aquarius are both difficult to tie down, so these signs are not inclined to have a whirlwind romance. Virgos tend to be more logical and pragmatic when approaching relationships and will take the time to weigh out the pros and cons before committing. Aquarians, on the other hand, are more ambitious and independent, so relationships are not high on their list of goals.

Once a Virgo and Aquarius have committed to each other, there may be vast differences in their approach to the relationship. Virgos are more easygoing and enjoy routine, while Aquarians are wildly passionate and crave novelty.

However, these signs align perfectly with their ambition and how they drive their partners toward achievement and success. Having a supportive partner definitely helps build strong foundations in a relationship, so it’s safe to say that this characteristic may very well be what keeps the bond between these two zodiacs intact.

Communication & Intellect

Communication is a key aspect in any relationship, and this area is where difficulty may arise between Aquarius and Virgo. Virgos are keen communicators, who use their logical and methodical approaches to structure their arguments and viewpoints in a way that is clear and easy for their partner to understand.

Aquarius opts for a more passive approach and may prefer to observe and stew for a while before talking about something that’s bothering them – and that’s if they choose to say anything at all! This combination is not something that makes for a successful relationship, so communication should be worked on from the start to avoid difficulty further on in the relationship.

On the contrary, both Virgo and Aquarius are very intelligent, albeit in different ways. Virgo is great with details and fine-tuning things to a level of perfection. Aquarius tends to be more book-smart and has great instincts that are usually backed up with extensive evidence and research.

These characteristics often lead to these signs being career and success-driven, which creates a common goal in the relationship and, as a result, solidifies it. Not only will this couple be great at games night with Aquarius’ cerebral superiority, but their wedding will be at a god-like level of perfection with Virgo’s attention to detail.

Emotions & Sex

Virgos love consistently and they tend to need their love returned consistently too. Unfortunately, Aquarius is more of a flash in the pan who will love with intense passion in short spurts. In the long run, Virgo will become frustrated by Aquarius’ irregularity and begin to resent their partner.

Virgos love taking on the role of the helper and showing support without being asked. It will cause Virgo frustration when Aquarius is unable to acknowledge or appreciate this, not because of a lack of love for their partner, but because they do not place much importance on these areas of the relationship.

Realistically, Virgo and Aquarius may not meet each other’s sexual needs. Virgo’s rigid personality translates to the bedroom and it’s rare that a Virgo will be happy to tread out of their comfort zone during a sexual encounter. Opposingly, Aquarius longs for spontaneity and fun in bed and innately craves a partner who reciprocates this.

Ultimately, if an Aquarius is sexually stifled, it will cause the relationship to suffer in the long term. While Aquarius might want to stop for a quickie on the backseat of the car, Virgo will never agree!

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Virgo and Aquarius are strongly compatible in their intelligence which allows their values of success, intellectual connections, and ambition to align quite well. They will never have to dumb down the conversation for their partner, and they will be able to interact easily with each other’s colleagues in work social situations. They will constantly push each other to be more and achieve more, which will be extremely gratifying and fulfilling for both partners.

However, outside of the career facet of life, Virgo and Aquarius do not share many values. Virgo prefers to remain stable and build a more traditional life where one can expect a routine that is predictable and easy to manage. Aquarius on the other hand is more impulsive and prefers to go where they feel they are being called. Aquarians take pride in their non-conformity and relish being able to interact with those who share that value. This may cause a clash in a relationship between a Virgo and Aquarius because their belief systems differ on a fundamental level.

Additionally, because Virgo values perfection and precision, it may be difficult for them to be accepting of Aquarius’ carefree approach to life. This may reflect in big, life-altering circumstances but can even be prevalent in everyday aspects of the relationship, like how often the trash gets taken out or whose responsibility it is to put away the laundry. These seemingly small issues can turn into bigger problems if left to fester too long.


Virgo’s interests lean toward activities that stimulate the mind and require critical thinking. You’ll find that Virgos will enjoy doing a jigsaw puzzle or watching a critically acclaimed film. This can even extend to activities out of the house like visiting a museum or spending time in a library. In simple terms, you’ll never find a Virgo passing time on mindless pursuits.

Aquarius prefers activities that satisfy their constant desire to accomplish things. They are technologically inclined and often spend time with new gadgets or even playing video games. This preference can become a lot more extreme though and can even extend as far as participating in adventure sports. Aquarius wants to feel as though the activity they spend time on allows them to reach a goal or achieve something new and exciting.

Although it may seem like these interests are quite varied, symbiosis in a relationship between a Virgo and Aquarius can easily be achieved through compromise. Each person in the relationship could spend time alone on their preferred activity. When they’re together, they could try different activities to find something they both enjoy. If it’s impossible to find such an activity, they could alternate what their time is spent on to satisfy each person’s interests.

Varied interests are not a deal breaker in any relationship and can even strengthen the bond between you as you’ll never suffocate each other by being in the same space all the time.

Overall Compatibility Score - 6/10