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Virgo and Scorpio compatibility

Find out how compatible Virgo and Scorpio are in love, communication, career, and life.
🏅 Overall Compatibility Score 85%
🤟🏼 Communication & Intellect 80%
❤️‍🔥 Emotions & Sex 80%
🏡 Values 90%
🌅 Interests 90%


When these two analytical minds meet, you can be sure that they’ll leave no stone unturned. Virgo and Scorpio will spend hours picking each other’s brains, considering different perspectives, and examining everything and everyone around them.

Because they have such similar ways of approaching life, they’ll always find common ground, whether it’s communication, values, hobbies, or intimacy. As long as they give each other time and space to build that trust they both need in a serious relationship, there isn’t much that can get in the way of a successful relationship between the two.

Communication & Intellect

Both Virgo and Scorpio are highly analytical and perceptive signs. They both begin analyzing the person they’re speaking with from the very first moment they meet. And they’re both able to keep their analysis to themselves, not letting on what’s going on behind the scenes. This habit has the potential to cause issues between the two, but it’s not a given that it will. It might actually be a source of bonding since they view the world through similar lenses, and can compare notes with one another about the people they meet.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, making them passionate about communication. But even so, it’s not uncommon for Virgo to be shy and a bit introverted. They like to feel safe with their partner before they open up and start expressing their true selves.

Scorpio is similar in this matter— they are very private and don’t feel comfortable opening up and showing their true selves right off the bat. They want to develop a connection and a deeper level of trust with their person before opening up to them.

Because neither of these signs has that headstrong, fiery nature like Aries or Leo, they’re unlikely to get into heated arguments often. But if they do, the consequences have the potential to be severe. While both of these signs pay attention to the details, they do so for different reasons.

Virgo is very detail-oriented because they’re a perfectionist, and the person who they hold to the highest standard is themselves. Scorpios are also highly perceptive and pay attention to the details, but not because they’re self-critical. They just like being aware of everything and everyone around them. That means that when these two fight, Scorpio knows how to hit Virgo where it hurts. And Virgo will take it much more personally than another sign would.

This is why these two need to be careful with their words and to know when they’re about to cross a line. If they don’t respect these boundaries, they could do irreparable harm to their relationship.

Emotions & Sex

Because Virgo has a shy nature, it can take them a long time to reach a point where they feel truly comfortable and safe with their partner. Scorpio will have to invest time into helping Virgo reach this place before they can expect the relationship to progress on a physical level.

That being said, Scorpio’s ability to sense and perceive things about others, without needing the person to say them out loud, will be a great asset in this relationship. The way to win a Virgo is to show them that you remember the details about what they like. Scorpio is more than capable of doing this for Virgo, and Virgo will likely be impressed since there aren’t many other signs that can do this as successfully.

Scorpio is more open when it comes to physical intimacy than Virgo is. But for them, flings with people they haven’t established a real connection with will never come close to the feeling of being with their person. So as long as Virgo remains loyal and dedicated to Scorpio, then Scorpio is unlikely to find any reason to leave them.

Both of these signs are emotional and carry their feelings deep within them (as opposed to on their sleeve like Aries). It’s not uncommon for Scorpio to get caught up in their own head, and for them to make assumptions about what their partner may be thinking or feeling, even though they don’t have any proof. This is something Scorpio will have to keep in check because this type of behavior can cause Virgo a lot of anxiety due to their need to always be perfect.

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One of Virgo’s biggest values is stability. Because they are methodical perfectionists, they value consistency and having stable relationships both with their friends, and their partner. Virgo is prone to anxiety and insecurity, so a sense of stability helps them handle this.

Scorpio values loyalty and fairness above all else. When Scorpio feels like they’ve been burned, they’ll never truly forgive the person that hurt them. If the person was someone who isn’t so significant in their life, then perhaps they’ll let it go. But if their partner is unfaithful or hurtful, this is unforgivable for them. Scorpios embody karma— what you give is what you’ll get. So however Virgo treats them is the same treatment they’ll receive in return, both good and bad.

It’s very unlikely that this pair would get into any disagreement over values. These analytical minds see things similarly, so it’s not like one of them will make a demand that the other will find unreasonable. While other signs may have a difficult time establishing trust with each other, this isn’t the case for Virgo and Scorpio. While it may take a while for them to reach this level in their relationship, they’re both willing to put in the time, making them very likely to get there.


The analytical, detail-oriented minds of these two signs don’t just make them a good couple. It also makes them good friends, and even business partners. When these two put their minds together, there’s no challenge they can’t overcome or problem they can’t solve. These two complement each other very well when it comes to accomplishing a common goal.

Neither of these signs is the type to enjoy large crowds or group events. That’s why the activities they’ll enjoy most will involve just the two of them. This pair will enjoy watching documentaries together, solving riddles and puzzles, playing chess, and anything that gives them the chance to pick each other’s brains.

Overall Compatibility Score - 8.5/10