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Virgo and Virgo compatibility

Find out how compatible Virgo and Virgo are in love, communication, career, and life.
🏅 Overall Compatibility Score 73%
🤟🏼 Communication & Intellect 80%
❤️‍🔥 Emotions & Sex 50%
🏡 Values 70%
🌅 Interests 90%


If two Virgos find themselves in a relationship, it almost certainly didn’t happen by chance. Virgos are methodical and analytical and would have spent loads of time getting to know their potential partner before making things official. While this may seem boring to the rest of us, it really works for Virgo since they’ll know that they’ve checked all their pros and cons before taking a leap.

While this couple will probably agree on most things, a power struggle may arise from time to time since they are borderline control freaks and won’t easily be able to let their partner take the reins. If this Virgo couple can consciously give up control from time to time, they will benefit from a very mutually enjoyable relationship.

Communication & Intellect

Two Virgos will never be able to simply vent their frustrations to each other because the other person will always want to dissect the situation and get to the very root of the problem. However, because they communicate in the same way, there will never be any misunderstandings between this couple.

While Virgos can get their point across effectively verbally, their body language does a lot of talking for them too. Virgo partners will always be able to tell how their significant other feels through their acts of love and service. They are also really good at picking up on others’ non-verbal cues, which is great news for this particular match.

Virgo’s are really great critical thinkers which makes them adept with practical tasks. Two Virgos in a relationship will really appreciate having a partner whose mind is always on the same wavelength as their own since they won’t have to waste any time explaining their line of thinking.

This sign pays careful attention to detail which makes them really successful in their chosen field. As a result, this couple will enjoy the fruits of their labor together and neither one of them will find themselves being burdened by the other.

Emotions & Sex

Virgos are not very outwardly emotional. They have a more calculated, practical approach to life that doesn’t include unnecessary emotions. Because of this, they’re able to make decisions without being influenced by how they feel, but this doesn’t always bode well for relationships.

Virgos are not able to make a choice that would spare their loved one’s feelings – they’ll always choose what makes the most practical sense. They also can’t often say how they feel but choose to show it through their actions. Since both partners in this relationship behave the same way, it’s possible that they will be more relaxed about it and cut each other some slack.

Virgos have high sex drives, so that’s definitely something this couple will enjoy about each other. While they are usually more rigid in everyday life, they can be quite open-minded in the bedroom. Virgos are not crazy and wild in bed, but they’ll go out of their way to please their partner as much as they can – which makes for great chemistry between two people of the same sign.

Virgos will still maintain some of their preferences during sex, like hygiene and cleanliness. They will not stand for discomfort in the name of pleasure. They can also get into their own heads a little too often during sex, which eventually leads to frustration.

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Virgos are not fans of surprises, so the two of them in a relationship together will have their futures planned out down to the last minute. They’ll just need to make sure their preferences align as well as their schedules do. A pair of Virgos will easily be able to combine their lifestyles since they both choose to live more or less the same way.

While Virgos generally have successful careers, they don’t necessarily place too much value on money or success. They prefer acts of service that they incorporate purposefully into their day-to-day life. This is something this couple will enjoy participating in together.

Virgos are loyal, so when they do eventually decide to have kids they will do their very best to be great parents. They want their children to be the best versions of themselves possible. They may struggle if they have kids whose personalities are different from theirs because they will start to feel like they are losing control. Luckily, they have each other to help get through it.


Although Virgos are practically-minded, they are quite artistically inclined too. Virgos will certainly enjoy spending time on objective-based activities, but they also might prefer to paint, write, or build. They are great at DIY projects since it helps them to combine both their practical and creative skills.

Two Virgos in a relationship will enjoy their time alone in their home together. While they aren’t necessarily introverts, there is a calm and peace that is established when they’re in their safe space. However, this Virgo couple really appreciates their relationships with their close friends and would run to their rescue in a heartbeat.

Although this couple’s interests are quite well aligned, they’d be happy to simply be near each other while they each do their own thing. This allows them to bond while still maintaining their own preferences. This pair will need to remember that the outside world exists and not spend too much time cooped up in the happy home they’ve created together.

Overall Compatibility Score - 7.3/10