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Aries and Virgo compatibility

Find out how compatible Aries and Virgo are in love, communication, career, and life.
🏅 Overall Compatibility Score 53%
🤟🏼 Communication & Intellect 40%
❤️‍🔥 Emotions & Sex 50%
🏡 Values 70%
🌅 Interests 50%


The Aries-Virgo love affair is never easy for either sign. Because they are so different, Aries and Virgo may only see each other’s flaws early on in their relationship. But, it’s easy to see why these two signs are drawn to each other. Aries is fiery, passionate, independent, dynamic, and daring, whereas Virgo is graceful, meticulous, detail-oriented, and a perfectionist. The charisma of Aries is what draws Virgo under their spell. However, once the day-to-day details of long-term relationships become a reality, the characteristics that they once found appealing will begin to grate on them.

Aries will become aggressive, impatient, brash, and impetuous in the eyes of Virgo. Virgo will become fussy and slow to Aries. These differences, however, can strengthen the Aries-Virgo love affair if both signs commit to understanding each other and focusing on their respective strengths. Aries can teach Virgo about spontaneity, which is frequently lacking in the life of a Virgo. Aries can learn patience from Virgo, as well as the importance of small details.

Communication & Intellect

Virgo expects things to be done correctly and in a specific manner. The importance of correct procedure and attention to detail outweighs speed for them. As a zodiac sign, Virgo wants to know how everything works and enjoys being “hands-on.” As a result, they may become frustrated because Aries tends to “leave out details” in their explanations.

Aries on the other hand prefers to act first and think later; they just dive in and see what happens. They have so many ideas but can’t seem to commit to just one, so they try to follow up on all of them to see where they lead, resulting in a lot of unfinished business. Aries will be frustrated because Virgo is patient and prefers to take their time processing and completing tasks, which will be interpreted as slowing them down.

An Aries’ opinion will always be voiced, whether it is desired or not, and often without tact, which will irritate the reserved Virgo. They don’t mean to hurt their partner’s feelings because they are one of the most caring signs. But being direct is the Aries way. They only want what is best for the people they care about, even if it means telling them things they don’t want to hear.

On the plus side, Aries has a very physical and goofy sense of humor, which Virgo’s mysterious and stoic nature will appreciate. They are extremely witty and among the most amusing people in the Zodiac. If Aries “goes first” and Virgo “finishes,” these two have a great chance. Mostly, Aries will think Virgo is too strict with the rules, and Virgo will think Aries is too reckless.

Emotions & Sex

In many ways, Aries and Virgo are more emotionally compatible than sexually compatible. However, because Virgo is an intellectual sign, they are not particularly emotionally expressive. Aries has an assertive personality and enjoys emotional reactions and spontaneity from their partners; Virgo lacks the self-expression required to provide this. As a result, it may be difficult for these two to cultivate a strong emotional bond.

Their best chance of building a long-term love match would be if they began as friends, getting to know each other well enough to make their relationship work. This is especially important because when Aries transitions from friendship to sexual relationship, they are more gentle and considerate in expressing their feelings, putting Virgo at ease. Aries becomes a better listener when sex is removed from the equation, so a friendship-first relationship will provide more romantic substance to Aries-Virgo lovers.

Sex is often a revelation for this pair in the beginning when they discover that they don’t have much in common in the bedroom because Virgo is one of the least sexual signs – but not always. Yes, Virgo can appear to lack a clear sexual identity which can be off-putting for the uninhibited Aries. However, this is only because Virgo requires verbal stimulation, patience, and a lot of foreplay to express their sexuality. Often preferring a confident lover to initiate and take control; something Aries will love to do if they can figure out that is the key to a fulfilling sexual relationship with their Virgo partner.

The more Aries can make Virgo feel like “an innocent observer” to their kinky desires, the less inhibited Virgo becomes. Unfortunately, most Aries-Virgo couples never come to this realization, so their sex life often remains like a car engine sputtering to start.

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The Aries-Virgo love match has the most compatibility in terms of values. Aries is gentle, straightforward, and honorable, which appeals to Virgo, who values honesty and loyalty and despises being lied to. When Aries and Virgo fall in love, Virgo can provide the stability that Aries craves in any relationship. Aries will also benefit from Virgos’ wisdom and strength. Virgo, on the other hand, will benefit from Aries’ affectionate and exciting personality, which challenges them to step outside of their rule-abiding and stoic comfort zone. There can be a genuine development of a very close friendship bond between Virgo and Aries partners, which can develop into the ideal zodiac love match.

The Aries-Virgo couple is also ambitious and hardworking, and they are great at quickly comprehending information, which can work well for them in a relationship depending on how these values are expressed by each sign, but this is something they will both admire about each other in general.

These two have some values that on paper don’t match, such as Aries’ love of bravery, which Virgo regards as stupid unless it has historical significance or is part of a tradition. Or the importance Virgo places on intelligence, which Aries believes has no bearing on success and may be a recipe for sorrow and loneliness. But these two would see them as opportunities to tease each other and have a good laugh, rather than as threats to their relationship.


Aries enjoys spending time outside and are daring, so they enjoy activities such as rock climbing, hiking, and swimming. When Aries stays in for the night, they are at a loss for what to do. They are so accustomed to comparing themselves to others and competing in everything they do. As a result, when they see that other people have decided to go out for the night, they suffer from FOMO. Aries will most likely spend the majority of the night regretting their decision to stay at home and wondering if it is too late to go out.

Virgos are methodical and like to organize their lives so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. As a result, they frequently spend their free time cleaning and organizing the mess their Aries partner creates (which is also a source of contention between the two signs). Virgo simply cannot relax, and a night in will not be wasted. They’ll use the extra time to clean. By the time morning arrives, no corner will be left untouched, and nothing will be out of place.

At other times Virgos can be found reading or indulging in their love of beautiful things. It’s a good thing Virgo is a mutable sign that is always concerned about their health, or they would never consider following Aries to any of their outdoor activities. It’s also a good thing Aries doesn’t care for activities like watching television, because Virgo would rather read or clean. Generally, the Aries-Virgo couple will be able to enjoy activities together as long as they stick to activities that do not frighten careful Virgo and are not boring to Aries.

Overall Compatibility Score - 5.3/10