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Aries and Aries compatibility

Find out how compatible Aries and Aries are in love, communication, career, and life.
🏅 Overall Compatibility Score 83%
🤟🏼 Communication & Intellect 80%
❤️‍🔥 Emotions & Sex 70%
🏡 Values 90%
🌅 Interests 90%


Aries are free-spirited and independent people, so it’s not common to find them in a relationship. However, if they do, they’ll be really loyal to each other and have a great time going on daring adventures together.

Aries are leaders, so they’ll need to find some balance and take turns letting each other take the lead. This couple will be bold and passionate in their romantic gestures. Their friends and family will also savor their company because of the combination of their robust personalities.

It may take some time for this couple to truly commit to each other at first because they will both feel hesitant to trust each other. They’ll also need to work on getting their tempers under control because a fight between two Aries can seem like World War 3.

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Communication & Intellect

Aries can sometimes come across as prickly characters because of the way they always speak their minds, however, this is only because they can’t stand people who are all talk and no action. You’ll never find an Aries dawdling, which is great news for this couple since neither one of them would be able to handle it if their partner spent hours discussing things.

An Aries pair would be able to communicate efficiently and, as long as they can keep their anger in check, their conflicts will be resolved with a clear plan of action on how to rectify the issues they’re dealing with. An Aries couple would also never have to worry about their partner making empty promises since they would never speak about something unless they truly intended on following through.

Aries are extremely determined and hardworking, so all their successes can be attributed to their never-say-die attitude. This is something this couple will really bond on since neither one of them would be able to handle a partner who is lazy and settled for mediocrity.

They’re both go-getters who will have great fun setting goals for their future and implementing plans to reach those goals as soon as possible. They’ll also appreciate having a partner who pushes them to be the best version of themselves. Things can get a bit sticky if this couple starts to compete with each other in an unhealthy way, but it’s possible that their love for each other will overcome their contentious nature.

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Emotions & Sex

Aries are generally known to put their needs first, so if they really want something, they won’t care about how it affects others. They lean into their desires and emotions with reckless abandon, so this couple will have to work on prioritizing each other’s feelings from time to time.
What’s great is that when feelings develop, an Aries couple won’t be afraid to show each other how they feel and will go out of their way to make each other feel special and appreciated.

On the other hand, when an Aries is upset, they often express it as anger or frustration, which can be difficult for their partner to read. It’s important for both these individuals to take stock of their emotional weaknesses so that things don’t come to a head in a disagreement.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion, so needless to say things will surely become very heated in the bedroom with an Aries-Aries match. Sparks will fly from their very first time together and they will enjoy the spontaneity and boldness that both of them bring to the table.

Things might get difficult since both partners enjoy the chase, so a little role play could be really beneficial for them. This couple will enjoy being sexually adventurous and trying new things they may not have felt safe enough to do with past relationships. As they grow to trust each other, their sexual fire will glow even stronger.

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Aries are natural-born leaders who desire nothing more than to succeed and excel in every endeavor they undertake. Because of this, they are very driven and work really hard to have successful careers. An Aries couple will share these traits and can share the joy of their achievements together, as long as they are able to put their competitive nature aside long enough to feel proud of their partner.

This couple’s impassioned combination of love and lust for each other will possibly result in a spontaneous wedding since neither of them feels the need for a big fancy affair.

It’s also possible that they may choose to remain childfree since their long hours at the office and independent character are not very conducive to child-rearing. This is not to say that they wouldn’t make great parents. If an Aries couple decides to have kids, they will give that responsibility everything they’ve got, similarly to how they approach everything in their lives.

This couple will most likely never have a difference in opinion when it comes to their values since they are of the same star sign, but if they do, their excellent communication skills will allow them to come up with a compromise that appeases both partners.

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An Aries couple’s shared interests are undoubtedly one of the aspects of their relationship they’ll really bond over. This couple is fun-loving and adventurous, constantly chasing their next adrenaline rush.
An Aries match will probably find themselves outdoors during their spare time since that’s where most of their preferred activities take place. They love extreme sports and regular sports – basically anything that brings out their competitive nature and allows them to feel a sense of achievement at the end of the session.

Since this couple is stronger together, it’s possible they’ll take up a sport that can be played in pairs, like tennis or volleyball, as they’ll get a lot of satisfaction from their wins. On a rainy day, you may also find them enjoying a day playing video games, which gives them the same thrill as an outdoor activity.

The only thing that might frustrate this couple is if one partner is weaker at their chosen activity than the other, so they’ll have to make sure they stay on the same level and play with equal enthusiasm so they don’t let each other down.

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Overall Compatibility Score - 8.3/10