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Leo and Virgo compatibility

Find out how compatible Leo and Virgo are in love, communication, career, and life.
🏅 Overall Compatibility Score 48%
🤟🏼 Communication & Intellect 70%
❤️‍🔥 Emotions & Sex 30%
🏡 Values 50%
🌅 Interests 40%


A relationship between Leo and Virgo may never culminate since Leo is fiery and passionate and has a slight sense of entitlement when it comes to getting their way. Unfortunately, Virgo doesn’t play into this attitude and is far more cautious and deliberate in their actions.

If this couple is able to get past their initial differences, it is possible they will complement each other well. Leo’s zest and vibrance will drive Virgo to step out of their comfort zone. Virgo will be able to rein Leo in when they are being overly enthusiastic in situations where it isn’t warranted.

Leo does require a lot of reassurance and enjoys receiving loads of compliments. Unfortunately, Virgo may not be able to fulfill this need to Leo’s satisfaction. Virgo will need to be aware of this if they want to keep their partner happy.

Communication & Intellect

These signs are both really great communicators and are unlikely to have much difficulty in this aspect of their relationship. Leo is renowned for their eloquence and is easily able to captivate their audience with their smooth-talking abilities. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger of the gods. This gives them the ability to stay attentive and respond purposefully to their partner.

Leo will really appreciate Virgo’s listening skills since Leo is sensitive at times and needs to feel reassured and heard. This couple will be able to work through their issues quite well as long as Leo doesn’t become too self-involved and makes sure to listen just as much as they speak.

Leo and Virgo may not have above-average intelligence, but their intellects are not dissimilar. Leo’s personality gives them great social intelligence which is likely to culminate in a really successful career. Virgo may not benefit from just as many promotions, but they are still valued in their jobs because of how detail-oriented they are.

These traits will spill over into this couple’s personal life and relationship if they progress to the point of marriage or cohabitation. Leo will intrinsically feel the need to lead and Virgo would enjoy a more submissive, administrative role. While this may not be ideal for everyone, this couple may very well be satisfied with this arrangement.

Emotions & Sex

Unfortunately, Leo and Virgo are not very well matched emotionally. Leo is passionate, loving, and affectionate. They make a show out of demonstrating their feelings for their partner. Leo is loyal and generous and will want to feel appreciated for the efforts they’ve made.

Virgo is not very receptive to this kind of behavior. They are unphased by emotional gestures and tend to view these displays as over the top. It’s unlikely that they will stroke Leo’s ego in the way that Leo is hoping for.

This obviously does not bode well for their relationship and will require effort on Virgo’s part to ensure Leo isn’t hurt by the way their gestures are received. Leo should also try not to put Virgo under too much pressure to fit the mold of the partner they want, and rather appreciate Virgo for who they are.

These traits tend to have the same effect on this couple’s sexual relationship. While Leo enjoys putting on a show and approaches sex with an element of theatrics and drama, Virgo has no patience for this and finds it rather tiresome. Virgo would prefer to simply get down to business. There will have to be tons of compromise in this area of the relationship for it to work.

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Leo and Virgo don’t have wildly different approaches to life. For that reason, it’s possible for them to build a relatively cohesive life together if they are able to overcome the challenges associated with their personality differences.

Since both these signs will have success in their chosen vocations, they will not have much financial difficulty and will be able to settle into their roles in the household easily. It’s even possible that Leo might be the sole breadwinner while Virgo takes care of the home.

They may encounter some difficulty when they have kids since Leo will want to be the beloved “good cop” parent, which will leave the disciplining to Virgo. Virgo might become frustrated by this since it will have a lasting impact on each of their relationships with their children.


These signs have vastly different personalities, so it’s only natural that there are differences in the way each of them prefers to spend their free time. Leo is a social butterfly who really loves being the center of attention. Virgo doesn’t necessarily hate socializing, but would much rather spend their time on a personal project.

Leo loves being able to showcase their talents to the world, so you’ll find them dancing, having a drink with friends, or playing team sports. There’s not much they won’t do as long as it’s in public.

Virgo enjoys putting their mind to good use. They would rather spend their time crafting, writing, or even watching crime documentaries. If they do venture out of the house, they’ll opt for any activity that stimulates some critical thinking, so you’ll find them at a play or visiting a museum.

There is room for both these signs to spend time together and find overlaps where they will equally enjoy an activity together. It will take some compromise and effort from both of them to keep each other happy.

Overall Compatibility Score - 4.8/10