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Cancer and Leo compatibility

Find out how compatible Cancer and Leo are in love, communication, career, and life.
🏅 Overall Compatibility Score 55%
🤟🏼 Communication & Intellect 50%
❤️‍🔥 Emotions & Sex 70%
🏡 Values 60%
🌅 Interests 40%


Cancer and Leo have a lot of differences – some complement each other and some leave them at odds with each other. Cancer is very insecure, and this means that they are quite emotionally needy and crave continuous reassurance. Their moods are irregular, which can leave their partner frustrated as this directly contradicts Leo’s consistent personality.

On the other hand, Leo desires admiration and adoration in a relationship that Cancer is happy to supply. Leo is a fire sign, ruled by the Sun and this is reflected in their proud, exuberant personality. Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the Moon who acts as a subtle and passive reflection of the Sun. This is telling of the bond between this couple and Leo leads and Cancer is happy to follow.

Communication & Intellect

It’s a wonder to consider how communication between Leo and Cancer may ever happen, as Leos are master communicators and Cancers barely like to talk at all.

Leo thrives on being verbose, which can come across as arrogance at times. They enjoy being in the spotlight and wowing their audience with knowledge that they convey with complete confidence. Despite the conviction in their speech, this is not always backed by intelligence, and there is a possibility that they don’t actually know what they’re talking about.

Cancer is rather intelligent, but lacks the skill to deliver their message as effectively. Their intellect is most prominent in their emotional understanding, as they are able to easily pick up on people’s feelings and understand the psychology behind their actions. They are the friend that people come to for advice as they have almost supernatural empathy skills and are caring enough to guide the ones they love in the right direction.

When these two signs pair in a relationship, it might be difficult for Cancer to get a word in with talkative Leo. Leo is easily offended when their faults are brought to light, so Cancer might not be able to easily discuss the things that are bothering them. This may work since Cancer is usually careful with their words, and with practice it’s possible that this couple could develop a way to effectively communicate with each other while steering clear of stepping on any toes.

Emotions & Sex

Cancer and Leo really complement each other emotionally as they both provide what the other needs. Leo is someone who blossoms from the adoration they receive from their partner, and Cancer is all too happy to oblige. Cancer requires consistent affection and acts of love and Leo is great at boldly showing huge gestures of devotion.
Leo is very loyal, which Cancer really appreciates because they want someone who will always be there for them. Similarly, despite Leo’s outward demeanor of complete self-assuredness, they do sometimes feel a bit insecure and need the attention of their partner to feel validated. Cancer’s empath abilities allow them to be understanding of this and take the necessary steps to remedy it.

Sexually, Cancer and Leo are not very alike but not completely dissimilar either. They are both very generous in bed, but this trait is usually only shown by Leo once they truly care for the partner they are involved with. When these two are in love sex between them can be fiery and passionate with both of them going out of their way to please each other.

The great thing about a sexual match between Leo and Cancer is that Leo enjoys a partner who is creative and innovative when it comes to pleasing them and Cancer characterizes this very well. They will enjoy exploring the possibilities of sex together and finding new and exciting ways to get each other to the finish line.

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While Cancer and Leo really value vastly different things in life, there can be points at which their values intersect and these may be imperative in sustaining a romantic relationship.

Cancer places a lot of importance on security and stability in their home and every facet of their life. They want to be able to create an environment where they will never feel unfamiliarity or discomfort. They need a partner who is completely understanding of this and strives to provide this.

Although Leo doesn’t necessarily oppose this, they will pursue any lifestyle in which they are able to feel revered. They will not necessarily remain tied to one place if it is no longer meeting their needs. This can be combated, however, by their loyal nature. If there is an existing relationship that they place a lot of value on, they may realign their goals in order to stay faithful and remain attentive to their partner. Cancer is someone who is selfless and loves with everything they have, regardless of the consequences.

Since these signs have values that both complement and contradict each other, it will take work and effort from them in order to cement the relationship and keep it from falling apart.


These signs are complete opposites in terms of their interests. Cancer is introverted and prefers spending time doing relaxing activities that nurture their mind and soul. Leo is extremely extroverted and flourishes under the attention of those around them. They prefer spending their time socialising in outdoor spaces and participating in activities that get their adrenaline pumping.
Cancer might opt to spend time on things like cooking, gardening, reading or meditating. If they do venture outdoors, it’s usually for philanthropic purposes. They value giving of themselves for the benefit of others.

Leo spends a lot of time with their friends and family. They enjoy social activities like drinking, dancing, or playing team sports. These hobbies allow them to boast their bubbly personality and display their abilities.

Because of the differences between this couple, they really need to step out of their comfort zones to spend time together. This will require compromise on both parts. Perhaps Cancer will be willing to socialize up until a certain time, at which point Leo will need to take them home so they can recharge. Understanding of each other’s needs is vital in this relationship.

Overall Compatibility Score - 5.5/10