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Cancer and Cancer compatibility

Find out how compatible Cancer and Cancer are in love, communication, career, and life.
🏅 Overall Compatibility Score 90%
🤟🏼 Communication & Intellect 100%
❤️‍🔥 Emotions & Sex 70%
🏡 Values 90%
🌅 Interests 100%


Cancerians are homely characters who are nurturing, loving partners that will find comfort in each other’s presence. They are great homemakers and will enjoy building a life together. This sign is very emotionally intuitive, so it’s likely that the spark between them will arise from how easily they are able to understand each other.

At the same time, Cancerians are very passive people, so neither one in the relationship has the confidence or take-charge attitude to get things done when the rubber meets the road. Cancerians are also notorious for their moods that change like the phases of the moon (their ruling planet). If this couple has to constantly deal with conflicting moods, it may take relationship difficulties to a whole new level.

Communication & Intellect

Cancerians are great communicators because of how attentive they are. Not only are they really great listeners, but they also pay attention to nuances and pick up on subtle signs through body language. This is part of what makes them such great partners since they know what you’re thinking even before you tell them.

In a relationship, this is a great quality to have because both partners will have a full understanding of each other without needing to put in too much work. They’ll know when their partner needs a little extra love and attention and also when they just want to be left alone.

It should be noted, though, that while Cancer finds it really easy to communicate, they often prefer silence – which is something that their partner will be completely understanding of in this match.

Cancer’s exceptional communication skills go hand in hand with how emotionally intelligent they are.

Their uncanny intuition makes them a power couple. Friends and family will constantly be amazed at how they can provide counsel and support to others. This emotional intelligence also gives them special strength in a relationship since it helps them overcome obstacles that other couples find difficult to work through.

Emotions & Sex

Cancerians are really emotional beings, often known as the crying zodiac sign. They are very sensitive and wear their emotions on their sleeves, whether they’re showing happiness or sadness. Two Cancers in a relationship will generally get along very well emotionally because of their fundamental understanding of each other, with neither one getting upset about the other’s emotional response to most situations. Both of them will openly display their affection and feelings for the other with reckless abandon and become even more elated when it is well-received.

The only time Cancer’s emotions might hinder them as a couple is if they experience conflicting moods.

Unfortunately, the emotional compatibility this couple shares does not translate very well in the bedroom. Both individuals are extremely passive, and it might take a really long time before they synchronize sexually.

With that being said, Cancer loves to put in the effort to please their partner, so it’s likely that both of them will pay careful attention to what the other likes and dislikes. It’s important that this couple finds their sexual rhythm early on in the relationship because if they don’t, no amount of shared homebody activities will make up for the emptiness and boredom they feel in the bedroom.

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Luckily, a same sign match guarantees that both partners have the same values, which gives the relationship a much higher chance of success.

Cancerians place a lot of value on building a home and a big part of that is establishing a family. They are not the type to enjoy casual relationships and flings and will only choose to get into a relationship with someone they can see a future with. This is great for a Cancer-Cancer match because it means that both partners are working towards the same end goal.

Cancerians also place a lot of value on their inner circle of friends and family. Strengthening these relationships is a priority for them and they put time and effort into showing the people close to them how important they are in their lives. This ultimately benefits the relationship between them, as there will be no strife over how much time the couple spends with their group of friends and family.

Careers are not high on Cancer’s list of priorities, so it’s quite likely that this couple may enjoy simple living. They’d prefer spending time working on their own relationship and eventually with their kids. This is another area where they’re like-minded: they both have no qualms about making their brood as big as possible.


There is no end to the list of activities this couple will enjoy doing together since they have very similar interests.

Cancerians are quite simple and traditional in their hobbies. They prefer spending time at home and will be able to spend hours cooking and baking. They also love gardening which really fulfills their intrinsic desire to nurture.

This sign is very creative and loves spending time on activities that bring out this side of them. You might find them spending a Saturday afternoon painting or crafting. They even enjoy reading, since it allows their imagination to run wild.

Because of this couple’s altruistic nature, they are very likely going to have a home filled with animals they’ve adopted that they’ll love spending time with. This quality also means that they enjoy doing charitable work as often as they can.

Since this couple shares the same sign, there will be no conflict over how they will spend their time together, which strengthens their relationship even more.

Overall Compatibility Score - 9/10