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Scorpio and Cancer compatibility

Find out how compatible Scorpio and Cancer are in love, communication, career, and life.
🏅 Overall Compatibility Score 80%
🤟🏼 Communication & Intellect 90%
❤️‍🔥 Emotions & Sex 80%
🏡 Values 90%
🌅 Interests 60%


When Cancer and Scorpio fall in love, they form a powerful union. The Cancer-Scorpio pair get along great and are obsessed with each other; they are both water signs and therefore, speak the same language.

Scorpio can be intense and possessive, whereas Cancer is known for being overly sensitive and emotional about their feelings. A combination that would normally not be very healthy for a relationship, this is not the case with the Scorpio-Cancer love pair – they are in constant flow with each other.

Scorpio and Cancer are both sensitive and emphatic signs, which is why they have a deep emotional connection in a love match. This stems from their ability to be vulnerable around each other.

However, these emotions can sometimes run too deep and become an issue. Thankfully, their understanding of each other will outweigh any challenges their intense emotions may pose.

Communication & Intellect

Communication is the least of the worries for the Scorpio-Cancer love pair because they are both emphatic Signs and, as such, excellent listeners. However, as with any other relationship, communication between this loving couple will not always be perfect, especially at the start of their relationship.

Cancers are naturally chatty, and who better to talk to than their partner? They will talk to their Scorpio lover about anything and everything, recounting in detail, all that they have experienced or felt in a day. Scorpio, on the other hand, thrives on mystery, so they rarely share; this can be an issue if Cancer believes their partner is not making as much of an effort to communicate with them as they would like.

However, as time goes on and trust is built between the Scorpio-Cancer love pair, Scorpio will feel the need to open up and share more about themselves. Once this communication gap is solved, these love birds will go on to build a long-lasting relationship with each other.

On the intellectual side of things, both signs are naturally curious and enjoy learning new things. Scorpio and Cancer are both analytical thinkers who excel at quickly getting to the heart of any subject. Aside from their deep emotional understanding, the Scorpio-Cancer pair will have the ability to perceive, discern, and understand each other’s flaws and then try to compliment them as best they can.

Scorpio, for example, can be so fixated on an idea that it is difficult for them to see another person’s perspective; Cancer will help them see things from a different perspective; on the other hand, Scorpio can stir their creative but somewhat laidback Cancer partner into action.

Emotions & Sex

How the Scorpio-Cancer pair express their feelings is as different as night and day. Cancer wears their emotions, whether positive or negative, on their sleeves. Scorpio, who is frequently accused of being emotionally distant, does not understand how this works because they believe that dismissing their own emotions allows them to get things done and makes them less vulnerable to hurt.

This will be an area where the Scorpio-Cancer lovers will struggle for a bit because of how sensitive Cancer can be. However, because communication is great between this love pair, they can reach an understanding and come to a point where they both feel comfortable being vulnerable around each other.

Sex between the Scorpio-Cancer love pair is always intense. The build-up to their sexual intimacy can be so fast, it might even seem unreal. There would be no time for small talk and at that point, the initiation of mating becomes almost instinctive. Scorpion and Cancer bring out each other’s primal nature.
Surprisingly, these two will have a lot of power tussles in the bedroom. Scorpio can be very intense and slightly aggressive towards their Cancer partner, which is brought on by the fact that they are demanding and always like to be in charge. While their Cancer partner is emotionally built to handle Scorpio’s intense sexual energy, they can also use their emotional manipulation to control the direction of things in bed. Regardless of their tussles, the Scorpio-Cancer lovers will have the hots for each other for a long time.

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Loyalty is a non-negotiable requirement for a Cancer in a relationship. Fortunately, when their Scorpio partner commits, they follow through. However, it may take some time for both of them to connect and trust in a relationship, but once they do, they are committed for life. Especially since the Scorpio-Cancer pair’s values are so similar.

Cancers are known to be caregivers; they will go to any length to help those they care about. They are also generally protective; call it parental instincts; this trait can come across as overbearing at times, but it is motivated by love and devotion.
Scorpios value attention and serious commitment in a relationship, which makes their relationship with Cancer, who is also looking for a long-term commitment, ideal.


The Scorpio-Cancer pair are both interested in water-related activities like swimming, surfing, and fishing, which should come as no surprise because they are both water signs. But that is the extent of their shared interests. When these two lovebirds are not on the beach, they are involved in a variety of separate activities.

Cancers are naturally creative people who enjoy mind-stimulating activities such as reading, writing, and interior decorating. They also make excellent cooks. Scorpio, on the other hand, prefers solitude and will most likely avoid activities involving large groups. Yes, they enjoy adventure, but not all the time. They are more interested in yoga, meditation, and any activity that will help them remain centered.

However, the Scorpio-Cancer love match are not socially awkward in any way, as they mingle well when they find themselves in a social gathering, possibly because both are natural conversationalists. But, if a die were to be cast, Scorpio and Cancer would prefer to enjoy the solitude of their own company.

Even if their interests do not always coincide, the Scorpio couple shares so many similarities that pursuing activities apart from each other will not harm their relationship.

Overall Compatibility Score - 8/10