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Leo and Scorpio compatibility

Find out how compatible Leo and Scorpio are in love, communication, career, and life.
🏅 Overall Compatibility Score 63%
🤟🏼 Communication & Intellect 70%
❤️‍🔥 Emotions & Sex 60%
🏡 Values 60%
🌅 Interests 60%


Both these signs have powerful, strong personalities and often find themselves in a position of leadership, but when it comes to a relationship, it’s not ideal to have two alphas. Nevertheless, there are definitely aspects of Leo and Scorpio’s personalities that will complement each other, and some that really clash.

While Leo mostly boasts confidence, they have insecurities and have a deep need to be reassured from time to time. Scorpio is great at this because they often are not very forthcoming at the beginning of a relationship and would rather shine the spotlight onto their partner. This gives Leo the boost they need to shower love onto Scorpio.

This couple can become threatened by each other’s boldness at times, and may even be jealous of how well they get along with others. They can be loyal to the point of being possessive, which can lead to unhealthy codependency. They will need to be careful to not let these traits get the best of them.

Communication & Intellect

Scorpio and Leo are excellent communicators and will enjoy debating with each other just for the fun of it. They both speak in a way that portrays them as an authority on a topic, but while Leo’s knowledge backing their speech may be really superficial, Scorpio’s comes from a place of deep understanding. Scorpio is blessed with the ability to comprehend loads of information very easily.

These traits make communication between this couple really simple. They are able to get their points across in a succinct and effective way. They should be careful not to bruise each other’s egos with their brashness, but other than that they won’t encounter many difficulties in this aspect of their relationship.

Scorpio and Leo’s intellects make them wildly successful in their careers, and they aren’t humble about their achievements. They will love to make each other feel great about themselves and bombard social media with every small victory of theirs. This couple will thrive on activities that allow them to boast their smarts, like pub quizzes, and they’re unbeatable at trivia nights with their friends.

Emotions & Sex

This couple is so similar in the way that they handle their emotions that it’s actually detrimental to their relationship. They are both intense beyond reason in the way they feel things, and they simply don’t know how to handle it. Both of these signs have the tendency to keep their emotions bottled up until they explode – and it isn’t pretty when this happens.

To add to this, Leo can be really self-absorbed when they’re in their feelings. Leo loves to play the victim and will feel like they need to be apologized to when resolving conflict. Unfortunately, Scorpio is probably the one sign of the zodiac that has no patience for this kind of behavior.

If this couple can’t get past their emotional issues, they can smooth things over with their steaming hot lovemaking. Leo and Scorpio are fire in bed. The intense passion they exhibit in all aspects of their lives plays a particularly important role in this part of their relationship.

There is really never any awkwardness when it comes to sex between Leo and Scorpio. They are wildly in tune with each other’s bodies and seem to know exactly which buttons to press to make each other crazy. It’s possible that these two might keep this relationship alive way past its due date just because of the amazing chemistry they have.

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Both Scorpio and Leo are really driven people, so it will be easy for them to align in their career and financial goals. These are the signs that excel no matter what role they’re placed in. Leo has amazing people skills that usually propel them up the ladder in their chosen field. Scorpio has intelligence and ambition that is unparalleled, and you’ll most often find them in careers where they can exact their authority.

From a financial standpoint, this couple will enjoy spending the spoils of their labor together. They will be able to build a home that they are proud of and most importantly, will allow them to be envied by everyone else.

They would be the type of parents that would rule their children with an iron fist. They are strict and expect no less than the very best from their offspring. Their kids will benefit from private school education and will be pushed by their parents to participate in extracurricular activities at a national level if possible.


While both these signs are more than capable of commanding attention, Leo is far more extroverted than Scorpio is. Leo enjoys socializing and being able to entertain their friends with their weird and wonderful talents. Scorpio is far more relaxed and would rather spend time meditating than filling the silence with chatter.

Leo is adventurous and enjoys activities that allow them to show off their skills and that will make them the center of attention. They enjoy individual sports, competitive gaming or even bar hopping. They are not singular in their preferences, so long as they are able to fulfill their intrinsic desire to be adored.

Scorpio is more reserved and shy. They enjoy their own company and would far rather spend their time learning a new skill or broadening their knowledge than being out in public. If they do find themselves in a social situation, they inevitably draw admiration there too, but it isn’t their first choice.

This couple wouldn’t have the most difficult time finding shared interests, but there would need to be some compromise here and there since neither one of them will choose to defer to the other’s preferences 100% of the time. Nevertheless, they are not completely doomed and will be able to find some common ground for spending quality time together.

Overall Compatibility Score - 6.3/10