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Leo and Aquarius compatibility

Find out how compatible Leo and Aquarius are in love, communication, career, and life.
🏅 Overall Compatibility Score 85%
🤟🏼 Communication & Intellect 70%
❤️‍🔥 Emotions & Sex 90%
🏡 Values 100%
🌅 Interests 80%


When Leo and Aquarius come together, fire meets air and sparks are certain to fly. These two strong individuals have the potential to make an extraordinary team, but they need to establish a solid foundation for their relationship from the start. 

These signs have a lot to gain from each other. Leo’s warm and loving embrace will show Aquarius that sharing their emotions doesn’t make them weak and that their feelings are worthy of attention. Meanwhile, Aquarius will show Leo that their charm and magnetic character can be used for a much greater good than just getting people to like and adore them.

Communication & Intellect

There’s no getting around the fact that these two are strong characters. When you throw them together, you’ll either have a uniquely amazing outcome, or an absolute disaster. Leo loves to be the center of attention, to charm the crowd around them, and to feel desired. If showing off were an Olympic sport, they’d always win gold.

On the one hand, this might be a turn-off for Aquarius (and anyone, if we’re being honest). Aquarius is concerned with the greater good, with inspiring change, and with human progress and improvement— not with winning gold.

Leo will be attracted to Aquarius’ strong character and enjoy the challenge of charming such an independent individual. If Aquarius plays their cards correctly, they might just be able to help Leo keep their passion and fire, while minimizing their ego and self-centeredness.

If Aquarius does pull this off, then there’s nothing these two can’t take on. They’ll have great communication between them, and more importantly, they’ll be great at communicating with others. Their combined efforts can move mountains and inspire real change in the world.

Of course, Aquarius will never strip Leo of their ego and high sense of self. But they don’t want to. They just want to put Leo on a path that will make a positive impact. But they should beware though — taming the king of the zodiac will be no easy task.

Emotions & Sex

Aquarius is known for bottling up their feelings and remaining emotionally distant from those around them, even people they’ve known for years. It’s not that they don’t let themselves feel things, but they certainly don’t let others know what’s going on inside.

Leo, on the other hand, is very expressive and open about what they’re feeling. Their fiery nature doesn’t let them hold things inside. They express what they’re feeling, whether it’s positive or negative.

This actually has the potential to be really great for Aquarius, because it sets an example for them about how they can show their emotions, while still preserving their pride and strong character. If Leo does it right, they can set a great example for Aquarius to follow.

Aside from this, Leo is just the warm and loving partner that Aquarius needs to help them process and express their emotions. After some time passes, Aquarius might just find themselves confiding in Leo in ways they never did with anyone else.

When it comes to physical intimacy, this passion burns like a wildfire. Aquarius loves to change it up and keep things interesting, and Leo is more than happy to explore and get creative. Pleasing their partner is a big point of pride for Leo, and Aquarius will feel special having someone so invested in their pleasure.

Of course, Leo likes to feel like they’re the dominant one and in charge. In this case, Aquarius likely won’t mind letting them feel that way. Leo will know in their heart that they’ll never truly conquer Aquarius, but that realization will make them all the more desirable to Leo.

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In a lot of ways, Leo and Aquarius hold the same values. The biggest one that they share is their value for independence and individuality. Leo has a particularly strong sense of self, with an assertive character and attitude. They can have a very big ego at times, and they derive a lot of their self-worth from the admiration of others. Trying to take individuality away from a Leo would be to strip them of their whole identity.

The exact same thing can be said for Aquarius, but for different reasons. Aquarius takes pride in having a strong character, but not because they’re interested in showing off in front of others. They simply know who they are, and aren’t willing to let their relationship change or consume their identity. Aquarius doesn’t have any problems with committing to their partner, but they won’t lose themselves in the other. They’ll still maintain their friendships, hobbies, and interests, even if these things are different from Leo’s.

Since they both recognize they have strong characters, neither sign will fault the other for wanting to preserve their independence and individuality. If anything Leo will really admire this in Aquarius.

Leo has the traits of a “hunter” in that they like to chase their love interests and enjoy winning them over. But the truth is that they tend to get bored after they’ve won someone’s affections, and then they move on to the next person they’d like to “catch”. Aquarius’ insistence in preserving their independence might just be the key to these two establishing a lasting relationship, because Leo knows they’ll never “capture” Aquarius, keeping them interested forever with the pursuit.


One big benefit in Leo and Aquarius’ relationship is that the two are unlikely to fall into the trap of competing with one another. While Leo certainly loves to “win” at whatever they do, Aquarius doesn’t have this same need. That’s why it’s possible for them to do activities together that involve being on a team, without it ending in a fight.

In fact, team activities are great for these two, since they’re such a force to be reckoned with when they put their heads together. These two will find games of strategy particularly fun, but they’d also enjoy things like tennis or volleyball.

These two also have adventurous spirits and they enjoy excitement, so things like concerts, dance parties, carnivals, and other lively events are great date ideas for them.

Overall Compatibility Score - 8.5/10