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Cancer and Virgo compatibility

Find out how compatible Cancer and Virgo are in love, communication, career, and life.
🏅 Overall Compatibility Score 65%
🤟🏼 Communication & Intellect 60%
❤️‍🔥 Emotions & Sex 70%
🏡 Values 60%
🌅 Interests 70%


Both Cancer and Virgo are signs that live their lives with purpose and intentionally place meaning behind every action they take. They have deep souls that will love each other with the intensity they both crave. However, while Virgo is completely clear-headed and lives life with unparalleled logic and reason, Cancer’s moods change like the tide, which could cause contention between the pair.

When they meet, it may take a while for Cancer and Virgo to really trust each other and commit to the relationship, but for the most part, these lovers complement each other very well. They both have caring spirits that shine through in the way they dote on each other. Their marriage would be an object of envy for many, with Cancer as the savvy homemaker and Virgo the strong, composed breadwinner.

Communication & Intellect

Because Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, communication is definitely one of their strong suits. Unfortunately, the opposite is true for Cancer. Luckily, Cancer really starts to blossom and flourish when they feel secure, and a relationship with Virgo grants them that stability. This opens up their communication channels and lets Virgo see Cancer in a light that no one else ever does.

When this couple encounters conflict, Virgo might feel slightly frustrated by Cancer’s inability to speak directly about the issues at hand, and Cancer’s inevitable mood swings just add fuel to the flames. If this couple is cognizant of this and spends time figuring out the best way for them to overcome disagreements from the very start, they will easily be able to stay together for a very long time.

Both signs are intellectual but in different ways. Cancer is extraordinarily emotionally intelligent and is usually the one who is able to easily empathize with the strife of those around them. They are the friend that everyone looks to for advice. Virgo, on the other hand, is logical and calculated. They are pragmatic in their approach to life and tackle everything like a puzzle waiting to be solved,

Despite these differences, these qualities will help Cancer and Virgo see things from a different perspective, which will ultimately strengthen their individual characters. They will grow through their experiences together and their respective intellects will rub off on each other as they spend more and more time together as a couple

Emotions & Sex

Despite how good Cancer is at understanding everyone else’s emotions, they are dreadful at dealing with their own. As a child of the moon, Cancer’s emotions can change a lot like the moon’s phases and because of their empathic abilities, they tend to absorb energy from those around them.

Virgo is a lot less emotional – to the point where it can become frustrating to Cancer. However, because of the close bond they share, this couple is usually able to pick up on each other’s feelings pretty easily. And thanks to their caring nature, they are able to respond in the way that most pleases their partner. They both have a selfless spirit when it comes to their significant other’s happiness.

For the odd time they may not understand each other fully emotionally, Virgo and Cancer will certainly compensate for it in the bedroom. Their first few times together may require a little trial and error, but once they overcome their anxieties about the relationship and truly start to trust each other, they fit together like puzzle pieces.

Virgo and Cancer adore flattering each other in bed. They usually talk about the things they love about each other and it turns them on like crazy! Virgo loves being with someone who puts effort in and pays careful attention to them and Cancer is happy to oblige. Because of the security they feel in the relationship, they are able to really let loose with each other and let out the most raw, animalistic parts of themselves.

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While both these signs really value stability, Virgo tends to offer a lot more stability than Cancer does, which of course may initially bother Virgo a lot. However, as the relationship progresses and this couple starts to trust each other, their bond becomes one of the things they value most.

Cancer often feels insecure and places value on a partner who is understanding of this and makes efforts to appease the anxiety they feel. Cancer also places great importance on their non-romantic relationships and wants to be with someone who will care for their friends and family just as much as they do. Virgo appreciates an intellectual connection and enjoys the company of people who are attentive and thoughtful. They also value being able to serve others through their actions.

It’s understandable that these values don’t align perfectly right from the start, but the altruistic nature of both these signs allows them to become completely understanding of their partner’s needs as they get to know each other better and causes them to make efforts to become everything that their partner desires.


Cancer is a very introverted homebody who enjoys spending time doing things around the house that may appear menial to some, but that brings Cancer great fulfillment. Simple tasks like cooking, gardening, or crafting are what makes Cancer most happy. They love working with their hands and especially love activities like painting or pottery where they can spend time unleashing the creativity that is constantly bubbling inside them.

Virgo is not nearly as withdrawn, but they enjoy activities that engage their minds and require great attention to detail. As an earth sign, they appreciate being close to nature and getting their hands dirty from time to time. They love puzzle-based games and may even spend a lot of time watching murder mystery documentaries.

There are lots of ways in which Cancer and Virgo can spend time together, as neither one is a sign who requires loads of attention or socialization. They’re content to spend a Sunday afternoon reading books curled up on the couch together or out tending to the garden on a Saturday morning.

Overall Compatibility Score - 6.5/10