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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 06, 2023

How to Ask Tarot Card Questions for Powerful Answers (2023)

How to Ask Tarot Card Questions for Powerful Answers (2023)

The tarot is a powerful tool that can reveal secrets about your past, present, and future. Whatever you’re seeking, the right questions will help you get the most out of your reading.

I’ve experienced a lot of tarot readings, so I’ve learned how to ask questions that lead to powerful and genuine answers. These are my top tips on how to ask a question with tarot cards.

How to Ask the Right Tarot Card Questions

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Will, when, and should are closed-ended questions that will prevent you from finding answers in the tarot. The future isn’t predetermined; instead, our actions determine the course our lives will take. Tarot cards can’t answer questions starting with “will” and “when” because you have agency and choice.

Instead, prepare questions starting with how, what, where, and why. These words help you create open-ended questions, which in turn allow your tarot reader to help you find deeper and more meaningful answers.

For example, don’t ask “Will I get promoted?”. Instead, you can try:

  • How can I advance my career?
  • What can I do to perform better at work?
  • Why haven’t I earned a promotion yet?

Open-ended questions will help you get useful answers from your tarot reading.

Ask Follow-Up Questions

You are your own best advocate. If you don’t understand something your reader says, ask them to explain. If you disagree with their interpretation of your situation or the cards they draw, say something.

Try not to get defensive, though. It might not be that your psychic is wrong. Instead, you might be trying to protect yourself from an issue that’s causing you pain. Be prepared to work through these feelings and accept what the cards are telling you — after all, you came to them for help.

Make sure to ask about points that your psychic raises, too. For example, if they tell you that the cards predict a great love in your future, you can ask questions like “What can I do to prepare myself for a long-term relationship?”.

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Focus on You

You can’t choose how other people will influence and impact your life, and you can’t control how other people think or feel. It’s really unproductive to ask about others in a tarot reading because there’s nothing you can do about the answers.

Instead of asking about how someone else feels, focus on your relationship with them or an issue that’s impacting you both.

For example, “Does he still love me?” is almost impossible for a psychic to answer. Try questions like, “How can I improve communication in my relationship?” or “What can I do to strengthen our relationship?” instead. These questions focus on your agency in your relationship and how you can work to improve it.

This is also a good time to remind yourself that you are responsible for your actions and choices. Don’t expect the cards to make decisions for you: you are in control.

Be Specific

You already know that you need to ask open-ended questions, so now it’s time to get specific. Focus on real situations instead of theoretical or abstract questions.

If you’re dealing with big issues, break them down into smaller questions. Your psychic reader will be able to give you more focused answers, making it easier to work through the problem.

Of course, tarot cards can also provide more general insights into your life. You can ask more general questions, but remember that the answers are intended as a guide. If you don’t like the answers you’re given, you can use them to change your life direction and start creating a future you will be happy with.

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Aim for Positivity

Tarot cards are powerful tools, and each can be read in different ways. Unfortunately, it’s really easy to head down a dark path with tarot cards. If you want positive answers, you should ask positive questions.

For example, don’t ask “Why can’t I find love?” — this is a surefire way to get a depressing reading. Asking “How can I open myself up to love?” will lead to advice you can act on. A positive question is much more likely to lead to positive guidance.

Think About Time

Tarot readers often spread three cards, indicating your past, present, and future. They may then pull additional cards to help explain more about what’s in front of them.

Use this guide to reflect on what brought you into this situation, what’s fueling it now, and how you can prepare for what comes next. If you’re not happy with where you’re heading, ask questions that will help guide you onto a different path for the future.

In my experience, focusing on the present is the best way to get answers that will really help you. Understanding more about my feelings and behaviors now always helps me redirect and center myself.

Bonus Tip: Accept Your Psychic’s Limits

Psychics are special people with extraordinary gifts, but that doesn’t mean they have to answer every question you bring them.

For example, some tarot readers won’t answer questions about your health if they believe you should speak to a medical professional instead. This isn’t laziness; I actually think it’s a sign of integrity. Your reader only wants what’s best for you, so if they won’t answer a certain question, accept it.

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3. Krys Britton 

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4. Marishka

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5. Agent Carter

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Bottom Line

Knowing how to ask the right kind of question is the easiest way to get the most for your time and money during your tarot reading.

Unsurprisingly, questions about marriage and cheating come up all the time during tarot readings. Remember, your psychic can only read your cards. They can’t control how other people in your life feel or behave, so ask about yourself, not them.

If you’re still not sure how to get started, check out our list of the best tarot reading sites.

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