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Cancer Compatibility

Cancer & Aquarius
Opposites attract and this is exactly what happens in a love match between Cancer and Aquarius. The question is whether their initial attraction to each other will be sufficient to sustain their relationship in the long run. Aquarius is an extrovert
Cancer & Aries
The truth is that Aries and Cancer have a difficult road ahead of them if they want to be in a relationship together. Cancer’s tendency to be shy and timid when they like someone is in direct opposition with Aries’ aggressive and direct a
Cancer & Cancer
Cancerians are homely characters who are nurturing, loving partners that will find comfort in each other’s presence. They are great homemakers and will enjoy building a life together. This sign is very emotionally intuitive, so it’s likel
Cancer & Capricorn
While there are some similarities, Cancerians and Capricorns are quite different. You can expect a Cancerian partner to be romantic and emotional, while the Capricorn in the partnership has a more sensible approach to love. Even with this difference,
Cancer & Gemini
With few exceptions, the relationship between Gemini and Cancer can be characterized by one word— disappointing. The truth is that while this relationship will likely get off to a great start, it’s unlikely that this positivity can be mai
Cancer & Leo
Cancer and Leo have a lot of differences – some complement each other and some leave them at odds with each other. Cancer is very insecure, and this means that they are quite emotionally needy and crave continuous reassurance. Their moods are i
Cancer & Libra
It’s possible that Cancer and Libra could have a very harmonious relationship. Both these signs place a lot of value on emotional and intellectual connections and with this as a foundation, they can build a beautiful life together. Libra is an
Cancer & Pisces
The Cancer-Pisces zodiac match is so complementary that they fit together like a glove. They are one of the zodiac pairings that fall for each other at first sight. These two signs are so compatible because they have a strong emotional connection tha
Cancer & Sagittarius
Realistically, these signs are fundamentally different from each other and it would take loads of time and patience for a relationship between them to work out in the long run. It’s most likely that their connection is a flash in the pan, where
Cancer & Scorpio
When Cancer and Scorpio fall in love, they form a powerful union. The Cancer-Scorpio pair get along great and are obsessed with each other; they are both water signs and therefore, speak the same language. Scorpio can be intense and possessive, where
Cancer & Taurus
The Taurus-Cancer couple can look forward to spending many weekends cooking, cuddling, and building a stronger connection through shared interests. However, it might take them some time to get to this point because of how cautious both signs can be.
Cancer & Virgo
Both Cancer and Virgo are signs that live their lives with purpose and intentionally place meaning behind every action they take. They have deep souls that will love each other with the intensity they both crave. However, while Virgo is completely cl
Cancereans know how to perfectly balance their emotional and material worlds, so expect a supportive, loving, and empathetic partner. They are also one of the most intuitive signs and can see straight through any fakeness within a few minutes of meeting someone.