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Leo Compatibility

Leo & Aquarius
When Leo and Aquarius come together, fire meets air and sparks are certain to fly. These two strong individuals have the potential to make an extraordinary team, but they need to establish a solid foundation for their relationship from the start.&nbs
Leo & Aries
When these two natural-born leaders meet you can expect nothing less than a firework show. When Aries and Leo are in sync, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish. But when these two are at odds, you might want to take cover. While Aries an
Leo & Cancer
Cancer and Leo have a lot of differences – some complement each other and some leave them at odds with each other. Cancer is very insecure, and this means that they are quite emotionally needy and crave continuous reassurance. Their moods are i
Leo & Capricorn
Everything about Leo’s and Capricorn’s personalities scream one word: opposite. These two will face difficulties when it comes to communication, intimacy, values, and hobbies. On top of that, both of these signs tend to be strong and stub
Leo & Gemini
Gemini and Leo are the fun couple of the zodiac, with adoring friends and a variety of hobbies. Their relationship is full of hope, fun activities, and exploration. They are playful and dramatic, and they feed off each other’s high energy. Gemi
Leo & Leo
Leos are fiery, passionate, and exude confidence, so these two are quite the admired pair. Leos wear their hearts on their sleeves, so don’t be surprised if they’re already moving in together after just a few months. Two alphas trying to
Leo & Libra
These signs are a highly compatible love match! Libra and Leo are both socialites who thrive off each other’s energy and can fall head over heels in love with each other. Both signs love attention and affection, which each one is happy to provi
Leo & Pisces
The truth is that Leo and Pisces are polar opposites— Leo is a fire sign and Pisces is a water sign. And in this case, it’s hard to say that opposites attract. From communication to intimacy, to overall trust, these two are on different w
Leo & Sagittarius
Sometimes adding fuel to the fire is the quickest way to burn a relationship to the ground. But not for Leo and Sagittarius— they are the exception. These two fun-loving fire signs will amplify each other’s best qualities, while still fin
Leo & Scorpio
Both these signs have powerful, strong personalities and often find themselves in a position of leadership, but when it comes to a relationship, it’s not ideal to have two alphas. Nevertheless, there are definitely aspects of Leo and Scorpio&rs
Leo & Taurus
If there is one pair who knows how to live it up, it’s a Taurus-Leo couple. If you find yourself in this partnership, you can look forward to sensual evenings, luxurious getaways, and fancy dinners. This is the couple everyone wants to be. They
Leo & Virgo
A relationship between Leo and Virgo may never culminate since Leo is fiery and passionate and has a slight sense of entitlement when it comes to getting their way. Unfortunately, Virgo doesn’t play into this attitude and is far more cautious a
Passionate Leo loves the spotlight and is a sucker for a good social event. Falling for a Leo means you can expect a fiery love, but they expect a lot of love, affection, and adoration in return. Leos follow their hearts, which means they tend to fall in love quite quickly.